Challenger Baseball of Cherry Hill is happy to bring the Little League baseball experience to all of the areas special needs and disabled children. Our league is specifically designed for children and young adults regardless of their ability level or mobility.

Currently we have players ages 4 through 25 participating in our program.

Children will be participating in a fun, family atmosphere each Sunday afternoon mid-April thru June. Players will each have a buddy to assist them if necessary.

There is no fee to participate and we are open to all children regardless of where you reside.

For more information contact us at info@challengerball.com or follow us on Facebook or Twitter

Part of what makes the Challenger program so successful is the volunteer buddy. If you are age 13 or over you too can become a Challenger buddy. For more information contact: volunteers@challengerball.com .




Every child gets a hit
Every child is safe on base
Every child scores a run

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